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Pop-Up Store

Alter designs is a fashion unisex brand born in 2018 and created by Pauline Ducruet. 
Pauline is a Monegasque fashion designer bringing modernity to classic designs responding at everyone who believe to be free in wearing whatever they love, regardless of gender norms. 

The brand concentrate itself at the Upcycling trend in valuing and reusing materials such as denim or leather to create new pieces for everyone. 
Alter designs brings a unique and eco-responsible line reflecting the love and respect throughout the society. It is an innovative brand without relating to any dress style. 

The brand’s vision is to create an inclusive society at the crossroad of different identities throughout the materials, the forms, the volumes and the colors of every pieces created. 
The first unisex piece signature of Alter designs is the Jeans jacket, created from different denim pieces, alteration and re-creation. It represents the brand’s spirit. 

The pop-up will take place until the 31th of August at the ground level of Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo.